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N.Chick and Lupa:HonorAndGlory by PhilWiesner N.Chick and Lupa:HonorAndGlory by PhilWiesner
This has been done for about 5 days...and I was going to submit it earlier...but I digress...this is the title card I got asked to draw for Nostalgia Chick and Obscurus Lupa's upcoming crossover review of Honor and Glory.'s a crossover between the girl reviewers on the site, and drawn by...a guy who has feminine hair? Girl power? Ummmm...maybe I should just shut up here...

All jokes aside; with how hard it is to find these films for references, it gave me a new found respect for how much time, work, and effort goes into the reviews. And a good deal of them have jobs and college on top of this.

All the research for this has got me researching everything about the site...I'm geeking out about a site that's about geeking out...I really can't explain it much better than that. :P

So Tracey Pride (Cynthia Rothrock's character) is portrayed by Nostalgia Chick, while Obscurus Lupa is portrayed as Joyce Pride (Donna Jason's character).

Fun Facts:
-I originally forgot to add in the Nostalgia Chick's ponytails (making Lindsay's hair closer to how it was in the Transformers 3 review). I didn't catch this until I had already sent in the original copy, so I sent this one in as a variant.

-King of Fighters/Street Fighter sprites were used for kick poses. Physically impossible? Ridiculous? That's fighting games for you.

-Originally, I had a concept of Obscurus Lupa using the microphone akin to the Hollywood version of a Kusari gama while Nostalgia Chick about to do a SF4 focus attack punch that looked surprisingly like the "I AM A MAN" punch of Atop the Fourth Wall fame.

-I used Spoony as a reference for a while on this one, until I stumbled across a Youtube video of all the fight scenes. (I might have stuck with it, if I had the balls to go against the goddamn Avatar...but I'm honestly afraid that I might upset Mr. Antwiler and his goddamned Avatar-ness.)
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